Replacing your worn out wheels with high Quality polyurethane coated refurnished wheels.

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Introducing the QW for Lifting and Access refurbishment programme. We will replace your old, worn out, wheels with new polyurethane coated, refurbished wheel units. Ideal for saving you money on your Lifting and Access wheels.

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Our Process

QW for Access and Lifting is the new divison of QW Wheels for Access, Industrial and Leisure. QW are a polyurethane manufacturer with over 40 years experience in the polyurethane industry.

Our QW for Access and Lifting Refurbishment Programme, has seen us develop our current industrial wheel re-bonding (re-covering) process, into the 4 stage process providing refurnished wheels to the Access and Lifting industries.

Below is a description of our 4 stages enabling you to see how we take your old, worn out wheels, and turn them into high quality polyurethane coated replacement wheels.

Why use Polyurethane?

Polyurethane has many benefits over the standard rubber coating. The key benefits are listed below:

  • Polyurethane has a far superior abrasion resistance to rubber alternatives. This results in the wheel lasting longer in use, and will not wear down as quickly.
  • It offers a very high tear resistance, resulting in less damage 'in the field'.
  • Polyurethane is non-marking, and available in a range of colours.


Below is a short video showing the different stages of the refurbishment programme. For more information see below.

Our Team

Callum Robin

Callum Robin

QW Business Manager
Chris Harper

Chris Harper

QW for Lifting and Access Sales Representative
Elaine Powell

Elaine Powell

QW Sales Administrator


Here at QW Wheels for Lifting and Access, we have broken down our refurbishment programme into four stages.

To make this easy for you to understand the processes involved, we have included a brief description of each stage below.

stage One

We begin by colecting your old wheels, and bring them back to our factory.

Once unloaded the wheels are then checked for any defects, and passed on to stage 2.

Wheel collection Wheels awaiting inspection Wheels being inspected

Stage Two

The old rubber is stripped off the wheels, and the wheel centres are then checked for any defects.

Once the centres have passed inspection, they are then powder coated in the original colours.

Wheel Stripping Old Rubber Coating Powder Coated Centre

Stage Three

The wheel centres are then sent to be re-coated in a fresh polymer, in the required tread pattern.

After the wheels have been coated and cured, they are then trimmed to become the final product.

Casting Wheel Wheel being trimmed Wheel after trimming

Stage Four

The wheels are sent for final inspection by our quality manager.

Once they have passed the quality check, they are then packed for despatch, ready to deliver back to you.

Finished Wheel Quality Check Finished Wheels

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We hope that this page answered all your questions about the QW Refurbishment Programme, but should you have any further enquiries, please contact us. You can use either the contact form to the left, or via one of the methods listed below.

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